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Push by Sapphire

Located: Tomball

Memorial High School

"He stink, the white S***
drip off his D***. Lick it lick it. I HATE that. But then I feel the hot sauce hot cha cha feeling when he be F****** me. I get so
confuse. I HATE him. But my p**** be popping. He say that, "Big Mama your p**** is popping!" I hate myself when I feel good.”


by Alice Sebold

Located: Tomball High

Somehow I lay under him as he f***** me. He f***** me hard. It was what I later heard girls call "athletic sex." I held on. When he came, he came loudly and
snorted and bellowed. ...In the early morning he wanted to have sex again. But first, after kissing me, he pushed me down near his penis. Once there, I didn't know what to do. "Haven't you ever done this before?" he asked, I tried but gagged.

Thirteen Reasons Why

by Jay Asher

Located: Willow Wood Junior High, Grand Lakes Junior High, Tomball High School & Tomball Memorial High School

"As if letting him finger me was going to cure all my problems. But in the end, I never told you to get away…and you didn’t. You stopped rubbing circles on my stomach. Instead, you rubbed back and forth, gently, along my waist. Your pinky made its way under the top of my panties and rolled back and forth, from hip to hip. Then another finger slipped below, pushing your pinky further down, brushing it through my hair. And that’s all you needed, Bryce. You started kissing my shoulder, my neck, sliding your fingers in and out. And then you kept going. You didn’t stop there."
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